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As the harmonious coexistence of humans and pets is our main focus. For this we supply adequate products and ideas that aim to support owners in living together with their pets.

Products & Services We Offer

Pets Food
You will get pet food with passion.If you feed your pet with our Super Premium products!
Pets Accessories
Wide product range with 6,500 items, and excellent price-performance ratio.
Pets Grooming
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With Josera you can be certain: As a German specialist in first-class petfood, we can look back at over 80 years of experience and expertise. Your pet’s health, outstanding taste, excellent digestibility and compatibility has highest priority in our Super Premium nutrition for dogs and cats. If you decide to feed your pet with our products, you will get petfood with passion.

  • Super Premium Petfood
  • Made in Germany
  • High-Quality Ingredients



TRIXIE accompanies you and your pet from birth into old age, at home and on tour, for games and sports, and in every season with suitable products.
In doing that, we do not only take into account the different preferences and needs of all breeds, we also keep an eye on current trends.
In short: TRIXIE has something suitable for every animal lover in our product range. That is not only due to our wide product range with 6,500 items, but also to our excellent price-performance ratio.

  • Provider of Ideas and Troubleshooter!
  • A very individual relationship with a pet.
  • we are friendly and typically North German.

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